TBIG is Going to Send Delegations for Joining Story Telling Training in UIN Malang.

Tadris Bahasa Inggris (TBIG) of Al – Qolam Malang is going to take a part in story telling workshop as reflection of a copporation betwen Tarbiyah faculty of Al – Qolam and Tarbiyah faculty of UIN Malang.

Several students were choosen to be delegated joining this event that is going to be held in two dayson 13th – 14th of June 2022. This event will be atended by kak Awam Prakoso as famous story teller in Indonesia.

Story telling is a part public speaking that should be mastered by the English students which will represent their English skill speacialy in speaking.

from the event, we are expecting that the English students can give good outcomes from the workshop that also can give good benefit to other students.

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